Listed below are some of my achievements over the last few years



8th Zaron, Kreuth CIC* 
1st Miss Wanted Fast, Pratoni del Vivaro CNC*** 
2nd Zaron, Pratoni del Vivaro CCI*
2nd Miss Wanted Fast, Wellinton UK CNC*** Advanced 
5th Vanquish, Moreton Morrell CNC* OpenNovice
4th Vanquish, Dauntsey Park CNC* OpenNovice



Miss Wanted Fast Fontainebleau CICO***  
5th Zaron Marbach CIC*  
4th Miss Wanted Vairano CIC*** 
Miss Wanted Fast Aachen CHIO***
6th Zaron Kreuth CCI* 
Miss Wanted Fast Malmö CICO*** World Cup 
6th Zaron Breda CIC** 
11th Zaron Schenefeld CCI** 
Miss Wanted Fast Boekelo CCI*** 



4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 13th, CSI* France (Sandillon) 
CICO*** France (Fontainebleau)
10th, 12th Switzerland (Aarau) 
6th CIC*** Italy (Vairano) 
23rd CCI*** France (Saumur) Qualified for Olympic Games 
CHIO Aachen 
4th CIC** France (Sandillon) 
1st CNC* Switzerland (Chalet a Gobet) 
1st SJ Worb 
8th, 9th 3rd, 10th, 6th Festival de l’Equitation de Sion (Show Jumping Festival) 
19th CIC** Netherland (Varsevveld ) 
1st SJ Switzerland, Kerzers 
HSBC-CCI****  France (Pau) 
15th CIC** Italy (Bornago)



Bronze medal Italian Young Rider Championship CCI** 
12th European CH YR Czech Republic (Pardubice) 
5th CCE Italy (Cucelio) 
7th CCE Switzerland (Egenbourg) 
3rd CCI* France (Sandillon) 
Final Young Horses Pompadour, qualifying for Le Mondial du Lion d’Angers 
3rd CIC*** Netherlands (Breda)


General Results



6th CCI* France (Fontainebleau) 
2nd CNC Dangeul le Mans 
4th CNC Beaumont Pied de Boeuf 
7th CNC Touraine Choisille Equitation 
4th SJ Le Boulerie Jump 
4th SJ Saumur 
2nd SJ Saumur 
1st SJ Ballan Mire 
2nd DR Le Mans 
1st CNC Italia (RCC)



7th CCI* Switzerland (Frauenfeld) 
8th CCI* Germany (Radolfzell) 
16th CIC** Germany (Bielefeld) 
Team bronze medal European YR-CH (GER)



5th CCI* Italy (GESE) 
4th Italian J-CH 
European Championship J Switzerland (Avenche) 
18th CIC** Netherlands (Varsseveld) 
CCI** Le Mondial du Lion d’Angers



1st CNC* RCC 
8th Italian J-CH 
European Championship J Ireland (Necarne) 
1st CIC* Italy ( Nichelino )